Why You Should Come Visit Me: A Top Ten List

(The long-awaited list to complement the “East vs. West” post from a couple months ago.)

10. Free peanut butter chocolate samples at Ghiradelli Square. Mmm… :)

9. The sourdough bread here is delicious, and you can get it practically anywhere. I first heard this tip from The Blur and now can vouch for it myself.

8. You can enjoy generally pleasant weather all year round. This past weekend it was in the seventies and sunny. In late November. Go figure.

7. If you mingle with the locals, you can pick up rad lingo like “dude,” “tight,” and “trippin’.”

6. Come walk through Haight-Ashbury and observe the wild Hippies in their natural habitat.

5. Drum circles and street parties. If you don’t know what a drum circle is, it’s basically when a few people start drumming in a group and then more people join in–people drumming, people playing whistles, guitars, harmonicas, and whatever other instruments they may have, people improvising by banging on bottles and pots with sticks, and people dancing like hippies or “hooping” or “devil-sticking”. Drum circles tend to form kind of randomly around the city (but primarily in parks). You really have to experience it to understand.

4. All the freakin’ crazy folks around. If you have ever been thought strange, San Francisco will make you feel so normal. People walk around in costumes here on an everyday basis. I once passed a man on the street pushing his cat in a baby stroller, with a boom box strapped to the top blaring music. This past weekend, a few strangers started barking at each other from across the street. These occurrences are not at all out of place.

3. There are free concerts and festivals here all the time–odds are, something cool will be going on when you come visit.

2. You can do all the touristy stuff that I’ve blogged bout so far! Walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, see the sea lions at Pier 39, ride a cable car, stroll through China Town, check out the park and the beach, count the Obama signs, join a protest…

1. And of course, you get to hang out with me O:-)

~The End~

Hope you enjoyed my list; have a nice day and come again soon!