February Post

So you may have noticed that I haven’t updated in a while.  Apparently, new job = no posting.  This is not really surprising, since new job also equals 40 less hours of free time a week, which results both in less time to write and less time to do things worth writing about.  But at least I have money… right?

Because I’m sure you’re so interested:

This is my fifth week of training at a call center about 20 minutes from my apartment, which does tech support and product replacements for glucose monitors for people with diabetes.  It isn’t the greatest job in the world, but it pays $11 an hour and I found it right away.  So far during training, we’ve had about an hour’s worth of work to do per day.  I’ve killed the other seven hours talking with my coworkers, doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles, re-reading the seventh Harry Potter book, drawing, doodling, crocheting arm warmers, and learning to play rummy.  It’s a pretty sweet deal for now, aside from the hours, which are 2:00 – 10:00 p.m.  Working second shift is making it really hard for me to get things done—like updating, for instance.

My brain is too tired to write any more right now, so instead I’ll give you a peak at some of the things I’ve been doing to pass the time at work.  Click on the pictures to see them bigger!