Changes, Part II

Seeing as I have been really lax about blogging (because I’ve had lots of other things to do, which isn’t a bad thing by any means), I see fit to present you with a new list of changes.

Change #1 – New job.  I’ve been working at a legal non-profit in Buffalo for two months now, doing intakes with clients at risk of losing their housing or utilities and analyzing their financial situations in order to figure out which benefits they’re eligible to apply for.  As far as jobs go, I’m really enjoying it—it’s a wonderful feeling, never to dread going to work.  Coming from the call center situation, I really appreciate the little things, like a flexible 9-5 schedule, my own office, and being able to eat at my desk, use my cell phone, and use the bathroom whenever I want.  It’s nice to be doing something that actually makes use of my degree and my previous experience, and something that allows me to feel like what I’m doing is genuinely useful to other people.  My coworkers seem pretty cool although I haven’t gotten to know them very well yet, and my boss is an awesome lady who actually baked me cookies on my birthday(!)  The job itself is a nice mix of interacting with clients and doing analytical writing, which I also enjoy.  And it goes without saying that having a salary and benefits is pretty fantastic.  Sometimes I find myself comparing it to the non-profit I worked for in San Francisco during JVC, which is hard to do because they’re pretty different.  The organization in Buffalo basically does all direct services, while the organization in San Francisco focused more on high-impact litigation, with the notable exceptions of the two projects that had JVs.  The organization in San Francisco was composed of about 20 people, while the organization in Buffalo has about 50.  The offices in San Francisco were a lot fancier as well.  The one thing I really miss about the San Francisco non-profit is the people—there was a great atmosphere there when I first started working, and most of my coworkers would even meet up after work for happy hours on Fridays.  Everyone was very different but amazing in their own ways, and they all seemed to be friends in addition to coworkers.  I can’t speak for how it is now, with 75% of the original people laid off since then.  I imagine it’s a lot harder to foster that level of community here with 50 people than it was in San Francisco with 20, and it’s definitely an aspect I miss.

Change #2 – New apartment.  I’ve been living in the new place for a little over a month now, and on the whole I really really like it.  I’m in the attic this time instead of the basement, about 4 blocks from where I was living before, and I have a new roommate who just moved in last week.  I love that there’s a lot more light here, and I feel like I have more space as well.  We even have a fire escape I can call my balcony, and a backyard for me to plant with beautiful vegetables and flowers (once I manage to hack down all the weeds and find a rototiller).  I’ve been spending a lot of time fixing the place up.  I’m still in the process of making curtains and finding patio furniture.  Check out this spiffy floor plan I made in Google Docs!

Change #3 – I turned 24 on the 24th!  It’s nice to be an even-numbered age again.  Here is a picture of the first cookie cake I have ever baked:

Change #4 – New musical obsession!  This band is awesome and best of all, local.  Here is a terrible-quality video I took a couple weeks ago.  See if you can guess what song they’re covering before she starts singing:

And here is their website.

And, oh, so much else has happened, but there isn’t time to tell all of it tonight.  Now that I’ve taken the first step by posting the major things, maybe I’ll be less daunted by the prospect of writing posts in the future.  One can hope, anyway.  (I’m trying to focus more on my paper journal right now, but that might eventually transfer over here as well.)