Happy posting-on-the-last-day-of-the-month again!  July is drawing to a close, and as usual summer is flying by.  Highlights from this month included getting my wallet stolen at work, driving to Raleigh NC, Augusta GA, and Charlottesville VA for my cousin’s wedding/visiting people, and going to Akron OH and Centerville OH for a family reunion last weekend.  It hasn’t been a bad summer so far, I guess—just hot and busy.  I’m looking forward to things hopefully winding down a bit in August.  I’d like to do something nice for my birthday, but I’m not sure what.  One of my favorite bands, Carbon Leaf, is playing the day after, so I’ll probably go to that, but otherwise I don’t know.  Stay tuned for more details of my fascinating life.

Because this post is way too boring, it’s RANDOM OLD POEM TIME.

Saturday afternoon,
clouds and wind,
quesadillas and dirty dishes
and football.
I cloister myself in my room
with spice-scented candles,
star lanterns, sun tapestries,
English Breakfast Tea,
paisley pillowcases,
and the Beatles,
and I draw—
rich black ink on clean white paper,
curves and flames swirling upward:
a phoenix in flight.