Simple Rainbow Double Crochet Hat Pattern

Rainbow Hat

I found some awesome, soft, rainbow variegated yarn at Michael’s and just had to make a hat.  I used an M hook because the package said to.  This is a very, very basic hat pattern because my sister just wanted something simple.  Hope it will be helpful for anyone else who wants to make a quick hat.

Make a magic circle.
Rnd 1 – Work 12 dc in magic circle and pull tail tight.  Join with sl st. – 12
Rnd 2 – Chain 2.*  Work 2 dc in each dc around.  Join with sl st. – 24
Rnd 3 – Chain 2.*  (2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc) 12 times. Join with sl st. – 36
Rnds 4-10 – Chain 2.*  dc in each dc around.  Join with sl st. – 36

*(Chain counts as first dc.)

Since the stitches were kind of loose and I wanted it to be a winter hat, I lined it with red fleece.  It was a pain in the butt so I wouldn’t recommend making a lining if you want to keep this a simple project.