Just a squirt of catchup.

In the past month-ish, I have:
  • moved from the farm to my old apartment
  • moved from my old apartment to a housing co-op with 14 roommates
  • moved half of my belongings to my parents’ basement an hour and a half away, all with the help of some generous friends I am very blessed to have in my life
  • cried for the first time in a year
  • had a dance party in the kitchen
  • explored an abandoned apartment building
  • started learning AcroYoga
  • cut a blue hubbard squash in half with a handsaw
  • interpreted in housing court for work
  • tackled a couple of difficult conversations with finesse
  • baked pies from scratch
  • melted into a puddle of awwww several times over
  • met a ridiculous number of amazing people
  • spent a ridiculous amount of time sitting in the co-op kitchen
  • become part of a vast new community
  • had piano singalongs with my housemates
  • tried to breathe into and savor the chaos as a welcome change from the stagnancy of my previous Buffalo existence
So many changes, so many transitions, so much adjustment.  It’s been pretty overwhelming and unsettling, mostly in good and exciting ways, but also in some sad ways.  Leaving the farm was pretty emotional for me, for instance, and landing alone in an apartment in the city was a shock.  But I’m grateful for everything, for all of the experiences and confusing emotions and situations and new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow and live.