June Post, Egregiously Backdated

I couldn’t think of anything to post in June that was polished enough to put on the internet.  Here it is, July 21st, and I’m hanging out alone at the beer store listening to Radiohead piano covers and going through old writing on my Google Drive, and I thought, what the hell, I’ll throw one up on here for “June.”  (As with most of my writing, it’s not great, but it’s one of the great truths of my life?)  July post soon to follow, I hope.

To more than one person, none of them lovers:

Would it surprise you to know
that although it’s been weeks, months,
even years since we’ve spoken—
you inhabit my thoughts
like blood in my veins, like breath
in my lungs?
The crossing of our lives left its mark
indelibly upon my soul.
You are the measure
of everything I do,
at every step glancing back
over my shoulder, seeking
your approval.
I can only guess at what you’d think.
I know I don’t cross your mind so often,
but that isn’t the point,
is it?
You hold the match that lights this wick.
I never feel so acutely, painfully alive
as when I’m with you—
and I’m just grateful
to hold my finger
in the flame.