Things I Like

I live in the Facebook era, where we define ourselves in terms of what we like instead of who we are.  (Can you tell I’m feeling cynical today?  Really, this was just easier.)  Thus, I give you, in no particular order:

  • thunderstorms
  • abandoned buildings
  • fireflies, crickets, cicadas
  • sunlight, moonlight, starlight, lamplight
  • reflections in puddles on rainwet streets
  • baking cookies and eating them
  • hugs (the long, proper kind)
  • sending and receiving real mail
  • old stuff in general
  • late-night phone calls
  • stories
  • photo albums
  • people
  • pockets
  • paper and ink
  • the smell of driveway tar in the summer
  • chilling on rooftops
  • pretending I know how to dance
  • taking pictures, but not all the time
  • being out in the woods and identifying all the plants
  • green, blue, brown, and deep red
  • music (mellow folky stuff, alt-country, and various 90s bands)
  • playing the piano, guitar, and whatever else is around
  • obsolete technology
  • thrift store treasure hunting
  • cleaning my living space (it’s kind of therapeutic)
  • poppies and daisies and sunflowers
  • holes in fences
  • going on random adventures
  • driving, biking, walking, swimming
  • going to concerts (especially small local ones)
  • cargo pants
  • flowy skirts that spin out when you twirl
  • bonfires
  • the theatre/pretending to be classy
  • tea (especially chai or jasmine green), blankets, and books (especially together)
  • staying up til sunrise with good company
  • being barefoot
  • tree swings
  • subways
  • postcards
  • plaid
  • foreign languages
  • terrible puns, spoonerisms, and silly portmanteaus
  • crossword puzzles (super nerd, I know)
  • dabbling in all kinds of crafts
  • growing food/gardening/WWOOFing/foraging
  • taking the “scenic route” instead of highways (even through run-down parts of the city)
  • the way old wood smells in the sunlight

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